San Diego, Is There Anywhere Better?


San Diego California, need I say more? San Diego has so many amazing qualities that it’s nearly impossible to list them all. As time goes on, there are more and more people in San Diego who are referred to as “transplants,” than there are San Diego natives. It usually goes something like this….. you initially visit a friend or relative in San Diego, and the next time you come back, you’re moving here!

There are a few factors about San Diego that capture everyone’s heart. The beaches are to die for, and they are everywhere! The food and restaurants are never ending, it’s impossible to have a favorite place. Whether you want fine dining, or food from a walk up Mexican joint, the quality is always incredible. The weather is on another level, it’s always 70 and sunny. If you miss the seasons and want fall or snow-like weather, it is an easy drive to Julian or Big Bear to hit the slopes.

Many people who live in San Diego like to boast about the fact that they live where everyone else “vacations.” There is surf and sun all over California, and driving up the 101 Highway is a must. With the beautiful weather and the endless places you can travel to, visiting and or moving to San Diego is a very wise decision.