The Top Neighborhoods in San Diego You Want To Live In


When considering the best neighborhood to move to in a city the size of San Diego, prospective homebuyers have a multitude of must-haves. Cultural diversity, the arts, school districts, and safety are just a short list of features that draw in prospective homeowners. There are countless neighborhoods across San Diego that draw in the crowds, but it’s their distinctive features that convince people to stay for the long run. Del Sur, Talmadge, and Oak Park are a just a few hot zip codes that lure prospective homeowners in.
Del Sur can effortlessly draw in families with its award-winning Poway Unified School District, beautifully designed homes, and the plethora of parks and trails. This hot zip code is nestled next to the stunning Rancho Bernardo, and provides residents with breathtaking views of surrounding hills and canyons. Residents of Del Sur have easy access to elegant stores, boutiques, and fine dining. Moving to this zip code is a no-brainer!

Talmadge residents proudly boast about their slice of the city. This zip code is home to a conscientious group of residents, who take pride in their city through forming community organizations and maintaining the upkeep of their homes. The residents in this hot zip code also take pride in keeping their city crime-free thanks to the volunteer citizens’ patrol. Talmadge is located next to the affluent Kensington and metropolitan City Heights. This hot zip code is definitely worth checking out!

Oak Park is known for its tight community. The neighborhood is thriving in part thanks to its residents who enjoy getting together for community building activities such as cleanups and gardening. Oak Park has an urban vibe, and residents enjoy redesigning the older buildings and houses so they have a newer, fresh look. The younger demographic who reside in this zip code have developed a family-friendly store that offers healthy options to its residents.

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